Our Green-Mission

Fastandcomfortable wants to contribute to a sustainable world and incorporate climate actions in all products. 

100% Clean Production 
For every product we sell, we buy UN-climate quotas to eliminate all Co2 pollution in the lifecycle of our products. 

100% Renewable Energy
Our 3D printers is 100% powered by renewable energy. The company has its solar plant on the roof, producing up to 12 000 W pure solar energy on sunny days. When we need more, we buy renewable hydropower from www.tibber.com/no/ 

100% Carbon positive 
For every wireless charger we sell, we eliminate UN climate quotas for 1 $ through the Norwegian startup company chooose. What this means is for every wireless charger you buy, you remove your climate footprint for five days. Want to do more? Visit our friends over at chooose.

10% satisfied
Is this enough? Are we satisfied with what we do? No. What we do is not even close to our ambitions to be green. But it is a start. And we will work hard in the time to come to innovate, produce and launch products and services that matter even more.